Our 35th Anniversary Trip to Las Vegas and Reno

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary by driving to Las Vegas to see our youngest son, Duke.

One of the interesting sights that we saw our first day was a "shoe tree", a tree with hundreds of tennis shoes hanging from its branches and laying on the ground beneith it. We're not sure what the meaning of it was, but we thought it was funny and wished we'd taken some extra shoes with us so we could have thrown them up into its branches.

Frank by the "Shoe Tree"

Another interesting sight was a "boat house"...a house with a boat as its entrance.

"Boat House"

We spent our first night on the road in Fallen, Nevada, where we went to every casino in town...all three of them! We first went to the Nugget where we ate dinner, and then Frank won $75.10 after putting $20 in a slot machine. We then went down the street to the Steakholders Casino, where I put $20 in the machine and got $38.50...only to keep playing and lose it all. Then we went to the Bonanza, where we played for awhile and then called it a night.

We got up early the next morning and continued our drive to Las Vegas. On our way we saw a couple brothels, which looked like they may have still been in business.

Upon our arrival in Las Vegas we went to the Fashion Show Mall to pick up our tickets to see the Amazing Johnathan (a comedy/magic act), then we checked into the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. We were expecting it to be a small, homey-type place, but instead it was huge...with long corridors that seemed to go on for ever.

Hallway at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Believe it or not, there's a man walking down the hallway, but he's too far away to see!

We called Duke to let him know that we were on our way over to see him, and it sure was nice to see his smiling face after not seeing him for more than 3-1/2 years.

Frank and Duke

We spent the next day and a half sight seeing, laughing at and with the Amazing Johnathan and Bobby Slayton (another comedian), and enjoying the time we had with Duke.

Duke, the Amazing Johnathan, and Tonya

Duke and Linda (left photo), and a colorful Las Vegas night (right photo)

Linda and Frank by a hippy van at the Nascar Cafe

Duke and Frank watched the Denver Broncos vs. the Oakland Raiders football game at Hooters while Linda went and had her nails done. We walked around so much that Frank's feet swelled really bad, making his big toe crack and creating a nasty blister on the bottom of one of his other toes.

Frank by the Hooters truck (left), and Duke by a race car (right)

We headed back home and in _________ we saw the largest flag flying in the state of Nevada, which measures 30'x60'.

Navada's largest flag

We spent one night at the Silver Legacy in Reno, but since Frank's feet weren't doing very well we pretty much stayed in the hotel room after spending only a few dollars at the slot machines.

The famous Reno sign (left), and The Silver Legacy (right)

Frank playing the slot machines

The next morning we drove around town taking pictures of the Court House (where we'd gotten married in 1972), and of the Silver Bells Wedding Chapel (where we'd renewed our wedding vows on our 25th anniversary in 1997).

Reno Court House (left) and Silver Bells Wedding Chapel (right)

While coming by Mt. Shasta we were shocked to see the mountain totally bare of snow. It was a startling sight to see, and the river below was almost dry.

Mt. Shasta

We arrived home safe and sound, and was really happy to be back home with our dog, Jericho. We were thankful to have had such a wonderful trip, and to not have had any car trouble or had seen any terrible accidents.

And a fun time was had by all!